'allo there, it's dan wills 'ere.. ;)

My good mate Dave Abbott has kindly lent me some of his web x-abytes.. so I have put up some of my pixels for you to check out.

What's new? it's 2008! :D, not long now.. in the meantime check out this fancy new gallery. (it's a 30mb download)

I have uploaded some fractals to this tasty fractal gallery wiki.

I have also uploaded some of my 8k fractal renderings to Zazzle so you can order prints.. if you would like anything from this site uploaded there, then let me know and I'll make it happen.

I've put lots of fractals up on my google 'gdanzo' picasa web album, which is here. This album pretty much always has my latest stuff.

Stuff to see:

XD Photography - This is a snapshot of me and UltraFractal in some kind of distracted journey of fractal rendering...

UltraAnim - The next chapter of fractal goodness - not animations tho.

Asymmetric Icons - A recent emphatuation with this cute little attractor, left me with this set of gorgeous pixel residues!!..

Symmetric Icons - Similar to "Asymmetric Icons", but that one extra control made all the difference!

Nova fractal cloudy - A lot of looking 'inside' the nova fractal led me to a new discovery.

stylesheets gallery - with a lot of help from a resource called 'cssPlay' I have put some new fractals into a better (and easier to generate) viewing interface (30mb download)

toWikify - A part of me that's made of pixels.

uprMash - Experiments into using python to 'mash' ultrafractal files, with examples and python source.

Texels - Texture tiles.

 3d - 3d stuff

Turing - Some wierd Turing-inspired thing. Turing completely pwn3d me.

Choo Ring - Some other black and white thing.

Tyler - Grabs from a java pixels-and-particles live-graphics experiment

Filmography - Things I have done whilst working at Rising Sun Pictures


I reckon UltraFractal is absolutely BRILLIANT! :D)

The demoscene is producing probably the most cutting edge art in the world. Definately worth checking out.

Wolfram's NKS and Process Physics (especially in combination) are a very interesting alternative to a mainstream physics view of the universe.

The web browser I use is firefox, which I think is absolutely brilliant! give it a go! support openSource software!!
While you're at it, as extensions go, I reckon All-in-One Gestures for firefox is extremely good, I now feel very frustrated when browsing without it.

Aliasing must be stopped!! Antialias all of your problems away! :D

Do feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions about anything here, especially if you want to use something.. just ask.

( email: gdanzo_at_gmail.com | dan_at_rsp.com.au )

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